With a credit card abroad: What are the fees?

Anyone concerned with an upcoming trip will inevitably come to the question: “ What fees can I incur when using a credit card abroad? ” Here you will find a brief overview in connection with valuable recommendations.

Credit card abroad: Often a question of being or not

Credit card abroad: Often a question of being or not

The credit card as a means of payment abroad is generally recommended. In many countries, hoteliers rate a guest without a credit card at the lowest level of creditworthiness. The rental car is only available in connection with a valid credit card. Therefore, this post is not about discussing the need for a credit card. Rather, we would like to work out for you what fees you incur in addition to the annual fees of your card provider if the card is used abroad.

Credit card transactions abroad

Credit card transactions abroad

Fees when using your credit card abroad can be triggered by …

… cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad:
If you want to buy cash abroad, the EC card is not the “first choice”. The international assignment is associated with fees. We therefore recommend using a credit card. Large credit card providers with a nationwide vending machine network abroad, such as VISA and MasterCard, offer an in-house service. Cash withdrawals can be made free of charge from around 1.5 million ATMs bearing the company logo.

… cashless payments by credit card :
You can also incur costs for cashless payments by credit card. The reason for this lies in the exchange fees that the issuer of the card incurs when paying in a foreign currency. These costs do not apply to every credit card. Some card providers explicitly grant free use abroad in their terms of use. If costs are raised, these amount to 1-2 percent of the turnover.

If you move within the USD area of ​​the European Union during your stays abroad, there are no exchange fees. Fees are not permitted under applicable Lite lender if the card is used in a country with USD currency. In this case, payments are made with your credit card in USD and booked in this currency on the addressee’s account.

Attention! Regardless of the bank: If the operator of the foreign ATM is a commercially oriented third-party operator, he can charge his own fee for using his facility. However, such operators are obliged to notify you of the obligation to pay fees before confirming your cash withdrawal. You can then still decide whether you want to cancel or continue your cash withdrawal at this pay machine.

In summary: The amount of fees incurred abroad for credit cards differs depending on the card provider. As a rule, it is within a range of 1-2 percentage points of the amount to be paid or withdrawn. It is therefore advisable to compare the conditions of the individual card providers point by point when choosing a credit card. This measure helps save costs.

They exist: the “world credit card with zero fee”

They exist: the "world credit card with zero fee"

Conclusion: When probing your credit card, a prudent procedure is recommended to keep unnecessary ballast away from your body. An independent comparison of the credit card and banking scenarios shows that there are credit cards with zero fee.

The following service profile shows you the way to a recommended, worldwide fee-neutral credit card:

  • No annual fee
  • No fees for payments within the USD zone
  • No fees for payments outside the USD zone
  • Free cash withdrawals at home and abroad
  • No foreign currency fees during the payment process

Since this profile applies to several card and credit institutions, the filter functions can even be refined

  • Amount of debit interest fees shown
  • Possibility to set up your new credit card in conjunction or without a checking account

This procedure can be used to save real money when making payments during stays abroad – especially outside the USD area.